QR Code Stickers

Many restaurants are now going with paperless menus… and why not! Everyone has a device in their pocket (mostly everyone) but yet we still hand out a potential virus transmission item that needs to be wiped down each time. Sounds redundant right?!

Save the paper menu, save the time and effort of sanitizing every time and simply offer a digital menu, which most all restaurants already have on their website. Or need a website.. we can help with that too!

Here is the easy solution to digital menus.. QR CODE stickers right on the table!!!

Instead of asking your customers to type in a long web URL to find your menu or service, they can simply scan a QR code and go directly to the correct page on your web app. Remove the added steps and make it as convenient as possible for your customers. (Of course have hard copies on hand for those that need them 😉

Give this one a try, open your Camera app (or QR code reader app) and hover over the QR code below:


See how easy that is? So what is the cost?

See below for pricing and size dimensions. We recommend the 4″ X 4″ square sticker for best exposure. Pricing below is based on the 4″ X 4″ sticker, alternate shapes and sizes vary by price. Please contact us for specific pricing on other size and shapes.

We do not do smaller print qty runs as the setup of the prints is the majority of the cost. Vinyl start at 200 qty and PVC UV start at 500 qty

Standard Vinyl – QR Code & Sticker design included


200 Stickers = $250

500 Stickers = $350

Standard Vinyl Stickers

This sticker type is made of Polypropylene or white vinyl material, making it water-resistant and freezer grade. It can be used for labelling on cosmetic products, bottles, and refrigerated goods. Use outdoors should be non-permanent as these stickers are not UV coated. The regular finish would be matte. While glossy is available upon request with extra charge.

  • Full Colour

    Our Standard Vinyl Stickers are printed in rich, full colour applications to make sure your artwork stands out and looks vibrant.


UV Coated PVC for OUTDOOR USE – QR Code & Sticker design included

If you have a patio these are for you! You can use these indoors as well, so if you need patio use, just order this type.


500 Stickers = $395

1000 Stickers = $475

PVC Stickers

Our PVC Stickers are made from synthetic resin (plastic) materials with excellent durability. Compared to standard Vinyl Stickers, PVC Stickers are much thicker, stronger and UV resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use for up to several months.

Please note that PVC sticker durability depends on environmental conditions.

  • Full Colour

    Our stickers are printed in rich, full colour applications to make sure your artwork stands out and looks vibrant.

Note: Taxes are not included in Pricing